What Is Fit2Fight Fitness?
Fit2Fight Fitness is a program within CrossFit Retzev that is all about a QUICK, FUN way to LOSE WEIGHT & TONE UP!!! 

Fit2Fight Fitness is based around High Intensity Interval Training. We can explain to you what that means in more detail later, but basically it means you're going to get the BEST CARDIO WORKOUT IN TOWN!!!

 (Out of shape?...That's OK! We can modify the movements to suit YOUR individual needs!) 

When used in conjunction with CrossFit, or as a stand alone workout routine, we know you'll see GREAT RESULTS!

30 minutes. High Intensity. Fun music. All centered around the punching bag!
14 Days For Only $1!!!
Try Fit2Fight Fitness risk free for 14 days for ONLY $1! We are sure you'll love it...but there's no commitment and you can cancel at ANY TIME! 
Contact Us

CrossFit Retzev
1019 Wilborn Ave, South Boston, VA 24592
(844) 438-5728

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